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Mixed medium transcendent beings (ongoing project, consisting of paper hand drawn, digital & ai .)

These are part of a mini collaboration project between myself and acquaintance of mine. We combined our individual artwork, consisting of both digital and paper hand drawn, which I have named transcendent beings. The humanoid aspects are based off my artwork, while the other aspects come from his work. These are not the final version, I just wanted to share a bit of the earlier stages of the project. :) . This is from a large-scale project titled transcendent beings. It's one of the earlier drafts from the main branches of the project. This project consists of several sub projects created using various mediums, and features a large variety of entities. The art is based on the entities present within the cosmos, both corporeal and non corporeal. Some of the portraits are from a sub project titled transcendent being: ascended vampires. It is a combination of one of my traditional art projects, mixed with a digital, and ai medium.

February 27, 2023